Lobby Project


    The Board of Directors is preparing to move forward with the renovation of the lobby as the first step in the renovation of the interior of the building.

    We have been working with an interior designer and commercial contractor and are finalizing the material list. We plan to begin to take the final steps in the early fall of this year.  We are hopeful the project can begin in mid October of this year.  The renovation will cost approximately $140,000. The condominium has sufficient funds to complete the project without any assessments and will still have funds available in the event of an emergency. While we are comfortable with our contractor, the Board is planning to solicit other bids just to ensure price is in line and reasonable.  The Board has spent considerable time reviewing and planning the project and we are collectively excited about moving forward.

    As many of you know, we replaced the boiler in the building, the security cameras, and repaired the roof. The board now feels it is time to begin upgrading the interior of the building. The lobby is an area that effects us all and an upgrade can be beneficial to the ownership as the first part of the project to renovate the entire interior of the building.

    Most of the owners we have spoken to are excited about the project, but we ask anyone to email any questions or concerns to  plaza230aps@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Board of Directors

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